Thursday, June 9, 2016

Common Bride

Its been forever again since I posted but here's an update on my sewing progress! Longarming has increased to a few months backlog, can't complain cause that means I am busy!!

On the personal sewing my Common Bride by Laundry Basket quilts is moving along. It wont make the air this year, again, but should next year. Thus is just not a quilt one can rush on. Center and outer applique borders are all pieced.

Here is a corner I am currently working on.

And these are the stars that separate the center from that applique border. My design wall simply is not big enough for everything.

I am really enjoying the journey with this one. I do have several other projects going but this one is the forefront right now.

I'm still working the post office and I have a wonderful sewing group that meats every Thursday evening.

I also acquired 2 more sewing machines for my collection. A 306K Singer, circa 1955 and an old Ruby Treadle head. I have not yet done any research on the Ruby but will soon.


The Ruby came in this box, I know its not original but would love to know what machine this might fit. The Ruby was an auction find, no one else wanted it! Un imaginable! I brought her home for a whole $6.00. The Singer was a garage sale purchase and it works beautifully. I bought a White in an unusual cabinet at the same sale but it hasn't come home yet. I drive a Kia Soul so no way would it fit. Hubby will get it this weekend.

Back to sewing!