Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another finish! Annika's quilt.

This is Annika's quilt. My new Great Niece born in January. Its 45" square with 6" mosaic blocks.
Here is some of the stitching. I used very lite colored thread so it does not show real well.

And here are some more.

Another one down and dozens to go <VBG>. My goal is to make quilts for many family members. It may take me 20+ years but its an expression of love that I can give. Several are in the planning stage. I have had 2 finishes the year! If I can continue at one a month that will make a very productive year.

Back to sewing!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

February and new beginnings

Well there has been 2 new beginnings! Actually one was on January 22 when my new great niece was born. Annika Brooklyn! Here is the top of the quilt I am making her.

I used a Mosaic pattern and designed the quilt in EQ. I think it turned out great! Now to Longarm it and send it off.

Now to the next new beginning................I am working again! I did not get called back to my old job, its just not happening, I got a whole new career. I am now a United States Postal Worker. I am what they call a PSE, Postal Support Employee. Its a new category they are transitioning in. I will not be a carrier, I will work the counter with some facility mail sorting. In fact I am working in 3 different offices as they need me. Its so nice to be needed <G>.

It hard work, I am on my feet nearly the whole day which is something my poor feet are not agreeing with. But I am enjoying working with the customers. Some weeks I am full time and some are part time so my sewing will be sporadic. But at least now I can afford my hobby again! LOL.

As soon as Annika's quilt is done I can concentrate on Antique star again. I have half of the 6 pt stars done and the rest are half done. So nearly 2 more finishes for the year.