Thursday, February 14, 2013

February and new beginnings

Well there has been 2 new beginnings! Actually one was on January 22 when my new great niece was born. Annika Brooklyn! Here is the top of the quilt I am making her.

I used a Mosaic pattern and designed the quilt in EQ. I think it turned out great! Now to Longarm it and send it off.

Now to the next new beginning................I am working again! I did not get called back to my old job, its just not happening, I got a whole new career. I am now a United States Postal Worker. I am what they call a PSE, Postal Support Employee. Its a new category they are transitioning in. I will not be a carrier, I will work the counter with some facility mail sorting. In fact I am working in 3 different offices as they need me. Its so nice to be needed <G>.

It hard work, I am on my feet nearly the whole day which is something my poor feet are not agreeing with. But I am enjoying working with the customers. Some weeks I am full time and some are part time so my sewing will be sporadic. But at least now I can afford my hobby again! LOL.

As soon as Annika's quilt is done I can concentrate on Antique star again. I have half of the 6 pt stars done and the rest are half done. So nearly 2 more finishes for the year.



  1. So soft and pretty! Love her name too.

  2. Love the baby quilt. Like, Pat, I agree it reads 'soft'. Super.
    Congrats again on your new job.