Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday St Pattys Day

Today Was my son's 32nd birthday! It started with the removal of 23 staples from my left elbow, ulnar surgery, and 6 titches from my left hand from the CT surgery. Ouch! the staples were pretty easy but the stitches had grown into the skin. My right hand will be worked on tomorrow and then at least a week of doing nothing again as I try to get feeling back into it.
I shopped a little and then came home and took a 3 hour nap, pretty boring right? Made a cake and dinner for my son and getting ready to watch American Idol.
My studio is nearly finished, how did a 1 day job turn into a full week? Its like dominoes, one area effects another and on and on............How did I get so much?? Pictures if I ever get it done!

I am putting my favorite blogs to the right, feel free to send me your button if you'd like to be there. I am still learning here so if I post a button you do not want there let me know and I will remove it. I try very hard to follow copy rights and only grab button that say I can do so.

Till next time!


  1. Congratulations and welcome to blogging!

    Hope your surgeries are going well and that you'll be back to quilting shortly!


    Elaine in SLO,CA

  2. Hi Deb,
    I remember you from the siggy swaps on the DJ list. I'm checking all the entry requirements for my blog giveaway and I'm not seeing you as a follower as you said. Am I missing something? Please leave a comment on my blog indicating how you are following. Thanks!

    Susan in Texas

    PS Your blog is off to a great start! I hope all your medical stuff goes well and you are feeling much better soon.

  3. Actually you said you had "joined" my blog, which I took to meant following. Perhaps I misunderstood. 8)

    Susan in Texas

  4. Hi Deb
    Well it looks like your off to a good start. I too am new at blogging, but having hard time getting the page set up the way I would like. Good luck and if you get some tips from others, please send them my way.
    Bye Nancy Huggins in St. Louis, MO.

  5. Deb, this is a good start! I didn't know you were having all this surgery. Ouch! Heal quickly, girlfriend. I don't have a button for my blog, but it is:

  6. Looks like you are doing good. So sorry to hear about all that surgery. Ouch!! Hope each day gets better.

  7. Deb, I am happy to hear the surgery is going well. Your blog looks great, I have a blog and still do not know how to get and give buttons. Maybe I can figure it out. Feel free to get mine if you can. :) Rebecca

  8. How fun to visit you on your blog rather than the NI group. I hope all your healing is going well. Looking forward to further posts.

  9. Welcome to blogland! I could have sworn you already had a blog - I must be thinking of someone else! remember to take it easy.