Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Winter is here!

Its been ages since I posted. Life just gets so busy some times. My dear hubby decided to live a life long dream of owning and running a Firearms business. I know alot of people do not believe in guns but we live in an area where hunting is prolific. When my children were young I did  not want them in the house but as they grew they all took gun and hunting safety courses. Now that we are all adults in my home we have become dealers! It has taken since June to get operating and I am still building a website for the business but we are in business. D&D Firearms has been born. Its his business but I do all the work <G>. Sound familiar anyone?

Now to MY business. It has taken the back burner but as you can see my studio is shaping up. My LA is 12' long and unfortunately my rooms are only 12' long. That leaves me moving the machine out a few feet everytime I need to get at the backside. Hubby wanted to open up the wall between the two rooms but I am not in a contruction frame of mind. Its been 2 years and my downstairs bath is still not finished!

I have a nice large ironing board, full of stuff, along the wall by the door. Love it!

 I love this cabinet, found it at an auction for 19.00! An old crate modified to hold old tin bread pans that slide out like drawers.

I love this window, gets great sun. My plants love it even in winter. I am using the top shelf to showcase my collection of antique toy sewing machines. Once day I'll get a better picture of them. I have about 10 of them and am always looking for more.

I have decided to do this more often, hopefully. Next time I want to have sewing pictures! Have a great day!

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  1. Oh I didn't know you had a blog found you through Quiltmom. I belong to the Prim group with you. Love your blog and nice toy you got there lovely home.