Sunday, July 1, 2012

Well summer is full blown in and HOT. 4 weeks ago I was layed off from my 11 year job of making mascot costumes that traveled the world. As most people who are layed off from long time jobs I was madder then a wet hen, I had senority in the job, but that senority is part of what hurt me. Being the highest paid member of the floor team made me a prime candidate to save money, or so they say. There are always under lining reasons.................Needless to say after the mad calmed down I was more lost then anything. Now what? I work with my hands and there are just no jobs out there that provide that. I am finding my way slowely along and rebuilding myself in a way. I'm 50 and not able to do what those young ones do anymore and working factories and fast food joints are just not in this body's future LOL.

So back to the Quilt studio. What was going to be a fun hobby will now, hopefully, become a business. The first 2 rooms are done, I am now bringing in my supplies and hanging the first of my quilts on the walls. I need curtains but have blinds up. The other rooms will go more slowely because now I need to sew!

Hubby and I are back to auctioning. We've been attending at least 1 weekly sometimes 2. While the vintage and antique market is kinda busted right now the machinery market is strong and thats hubbys field, and I am learning real fast. I still buy my antiques, cannot pass up certain things, but those items will be mostley kept or sold in my tiny store front along with vintage sewing supplies and hand made items. I love greenware, fireking and depression glass.

And check out the super iron bed I found for a whole 25.00! Its complete too, all I need are full mattresses. Do I leave it chipped and seal it? Or strip and repaint? I am leaning towards sealing it as is.

My greenhouse has become too hot for most of my plants, temps are usually in the 100's inside so only some of my carnivours remain inside.

We have since added a planting section around three sides of the greenhouse and a shade inside since I took these pics. I'm having alot of fun playing with my plants this year. My carnivours have doubled over last year and I have added a few new varieties to my collection.

Well enough for now. My studio is calling!


  1. So sorry about your job, Deb. That's really tough. Good luck with the antiques and your new quilt studio!

  2. I am sorry to hear about your job. It is ashame that us older ones are the ones they want to get rid of. The young ones don't have the same values! It does take a bit of time to get used to the idea that you aren't going to the "job" anymore. Have fun setting up for your new studio and a job you will love!