Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mothers Day 2017

What a lovely day today! I hope all mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, girlfriends every where are having a wonderful day.

Hubby and I spent lunch at my eldest daughters house today, they bought a new house so this will be the last time visiting this one. They close on the new one later this month.

I spent 4 lovely days in Shipshewana IN earlier this month with many other quilters at the Jane Stickle Retreaters Retreat. We shopped, ate good food and sewed, sewed and sewed! I finished 3 more UFO's.................

This is my Candlewicked quilt I started in 1988. It started as 12 pillow panels. I always wanted a quilt done from them but of course my full size bed is now a queen so I had to draw 4 more panels for a total of 16. I spent the last few months finishing the candlewicking and chose a design to sash and border it. Because its basically cream on cream its hard to see detail but it really pretty! LOL

The next 2 are blocks from a Sunbonnet Bonnet Sue State swap I did in 2006. I actually did 2 full swaps so have 2 tops now done! One in pink and one in blue.

I finished my millennium quilt as well  but cannot find the pics of it! Oh well. I'm at 4 finished UFO's so far, at least to top form.

My gardens are all mulched and cleaned up. No new plants yet. Haven't decided if I want to do all that work this year. Everything planted last year is doing well.

Well enjoy your day everyone, time to get a little sewing in.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I have been reminded once again how lazy I am about updating! <G>.

So here it is............My Common Bride is done! Finished, top only, Nov. 18th 2016.

 Common Bride pattern by Edyta Sitar was half hand sewn and half machine constructed. The vines, leaves and flowers are needle turn applique. I started this in March 2015 and finished Nov 2016. Loved every minute. Its now waiting for its turn at the Longarm.
This was a fun flannel quilt I started after finishing CB. It went together fast and will cozy to cuddle under.

Now for an update on my wonderful customers quilts..............................
Lovely Tshirt quilt, I just love the shirts in this one.

 The Vikings! Sandy's kids each got one.
 Jan made this for her sister, lucky sister! It was so much fun playing with all the sea shells.

 Peggy did a wonderful job putting this one together. I loved quilting it, so pretty.

 Kay made this one for a friend.
 This is Pegs big Blue. I love big spaces I can play in!

 This is another of Pegs, Smokey River. This is by far my favorite <G>.

 Peggy's Hunters Star.

 Mary's applique.

 Sandy's Peg quilt.

 Sandy's cowboy quilt.

 Kay's quilt.

Just a sampling of what I have done in the last 8 months.
You can also see my customers quilts at
Thanks for looking!