Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End of August, end of summer?

My last post was so long ago and far away it seems. So is my sewing! My bathroom project is ongoing and my LA is covered for protection so no work there. I did bustle up a wedding dress for my grandsons stepmother to be and I am working on her daughters dress for the wedding. It was 8" to long for little bit. Or it was 2 months ago when we first measured her. Had a remeasure last week and sure enough she grew 2 inches! Good thing I had cut the tulle on the inside and removed only the trim.

I went on a little spending spree.............bought some new sewing books, like I really needed some more. Minnesota quilters. One day I may have one for each state since I have about 15 of them now. A tiny book on antique sewing machines and I mean tiny, hardly worth mentioning. And Z&S had another sale that I had to buy from, like I really needed more fabric. But 50% off.............

I learned my LQS will be our new Viking dealer, hippy skippy, we lost ours back in February with a 2 week close out notice, yes just 2 week notice. And I just bought a machine in January. There went my warrenty. Used machine so now NO warrenty. Dirty deal I thought but what can you do. It was a near new machine, only 9 months old but unfortunately no manufacturers warr. only dealers when sold used like that so I got screwed when they closed. Just happy we will have dealer closer then 1 1/2 hour drive so I can get repairs and parts if needed now! Especially since I have now bought a used embroidery Viking SE machine too I love my viking machines regardless of dealers.

Oh, remember my 3 bunnies that never bonded? Lo and behold they have bonded after all. One day we decided to try and put 2 of them together, bunbun and badit. Those are the grey and black and white one. And they got along. Poor Bella looked so lonely and sad by herself we figured we'd let her out too after a few days and we were shocked no fighting. We were told that after a few years that if bunnies did not bond they never would but ours proved the experts wrong. They are so much more fun to watch all together. But boy can they instigate trouble working together .

I promised pictures ages ago but never got the energy to take them. My studio is done but now messy. Anyone working on BB's civil war quilt? I have made the first 7 blocks only but have EQ'd the rest of them and printed them out. I hope to catch up one weekend soon! Yes I know we are up to block 35 now so I have a long way to go. My DJ is stalled and so is my NI quilt. Too many projects. If you could see my UFU pile. Carpal Tunnel surgery did help build that pile but the healing is progressing.

I have my wool applique project on the burner too. First I have to stop taking on projects from other people! My daughter is a culprit there. Those damn princess dresses of my grandaughters. I am constantly repairing them. Quit putting them in the washing machine! Tulle and netting and washing machines do not mix. Use a washer bag for underthings.

Well enough catch up for one night. Maybe next time I'll break down and add some pics.