Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Showers...................makes quilting time!

Here we are again, another month gone! Where does all the time go? I finished my sisters quilt.

She wanted black and white but I had to throw in the red corner stones to give it some life <G>. And then used quilted circles to soften it. Have to get it mailed!
Then I dug out my Double Delight, a Bonnie Hunter pattern. I finished it last year and then put it away. It still needed borders so got them on and realized I'd forgotten a border. It was supposed to have a narrow border of dark blue before the final wide rose one. Oh well. I'd cut and mitered those borders so they are not coming off!

I love that stripe fabric. This quilt is now on my longarm and the first row is done. I get to play all weekend!
This was supposed to be Shipshewana retreat week but due to car issues I had to cancel my trip. Nice thing about having a studio separate from the main house is that I can do a private retreat where my family cannot bother me <VBG>. Well they can but are mostly too lazy to walk the 200 ft to get to me! I will plug in my IPod and turn up the tunes and my machine and I will create away.............
On my machine upstairs I have 'Alex Grey All Wrapped Up' A design I created for my Alex Grey art loving son.
This is my EQ design for it. Its going to be a fun quilt to put together. All batiks.

Well enough for one night!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Treadle Challenge!

My sewing groups of friends decided to have a Treadle sewing machine challenge in March. Those of us that own a treadle need to get it out and do SOMETHING with it to qualify for the challenge. That means uncovering it, cleaning it and maybe even sewing on it if able. So many of us have lovely treadle machines that work as a table and nothing more.

This Treadle is from 1915 and a Singer Red Eye 66. Once a year I dust it off real well and oil it but its been years since I sewed on it. It was given to me in 2003 I think by my FIL when he moved from his home to my SIL house. This machine was owned by my MIL and before her it was owned by her mother. So it has not been sewn on since I brought it home in 2003 and probably not since the 1980's in my in laws home.

I opened her up last night and took it apart for the first time. Alot of hard dried up gunk! Between my hubby and I we cleaned up the parts, drenched it all in oil and thoroughly cleaned it.

Isn't she pretty? I have decided to name her Dory after my MIL.
I sewed on her a little bit last night to make sure all bits and pieces moved well. Emptied all the bobbins of antique thread and put a new needle in. Not sure on the needle......I found 2 types in the drawer. One looked like a standard singer needle like we use now and the other was about 1/2" longer in old Boye needle cases. The manual stated 15x1 needles. I believe those are the standard ones, one day I will find out what those longer ones fit. Tomorrow I will thread it up and sew on it.
Here is a pic of our other treadle. Its a Singer 24-9. I bought it for my hubby for Christmas so he can sew leather and other heavy stuff.
It has a base, hubby removed the head so he could put it in the shop to work on it. It needs a bit of TLC yet, just waiting for nicer weather so he can degunk it.
Time to sew a bit today. With my new job I have alot less time so have to use what I do have well!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another finish! Annika's quilt.

This is Annika's quilt. My new Great Niece born in January. Its 45" square with 6" mosaic blocks.
Here is some of the stitching. I used very lite colored thread so it does not show real well.

And here are some more.

Another one down and dozens to go <VBG>. My goal is to make quilts for many family members. It may take me 20+ years but its an expression of love that I can give. Several are in the planning stage. I have had 2 finishes the year! If I can continue at one a month that will make a very productive year.

Back to sewing!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

February and new beginnings

Well there has been 2 new beginnings! Actually one was on January 22 when my new great niece was born. Annika Brooklyn! Here is the top of the quilt I am making her.

I used a Mosaic pattern and designed the quilt in EQ. I think it turned out great! Now to Longarm it and send it off.

Now to the next new beginning................I am working again! I did not get called back to my old job, its just not happening, I got a whole new career. I am now a United States Postal Worker. I am what they call a PSE, Postal Support Employee. Its a new category they are transitioning in. I will not be a carrier, I will work the counter with some facility mail sorting. In fact I am working in 3 different offices as they need me. Its so nice to be needed <G>.

It hard work, I am on my feet nearly the whole day which is something my poor feet are not agreeing with. But I am enjoying working with the customers. Some weeks I am full time and some are part time so my sewing will be sporadic. But at least now I can afford my hobby again! LOL.

As soon as Annika's quilt is done I can concentrate on Antique star again. I have half of the 6 pt stars done and the rest are half done. So nearly 2 more finishes for the year.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First post of the New Year

In this new year I have decided it's time to get things done. I have been out of work for over 6 months and accomplished very little. Well I did set up an entire new studio with my longarm but did I use it? No. At Christmas I got motivated to make a few presents.

This quilt was made for my sons girlfriend Sara. The center of each logcabin is a picture I printed out of album art from her favorite bands.
I made 5 sets of Bedding for my Grandaughter Kate for her American Girl dolls. Each set, in a different color, had a quilt-mattress and cover-pillow and cover, square, heart and bolster pillow. Enought to make any little girl happy!

Now that I have started it's time to continue. I have entered into a Challenge with a group of friends. We listed all our UFO's and projects into a database.

I have had one finish so far this year. This UFO was started about 10 years ago for my eldest daughter. She had a fuzzy blue blanket with lambs all over it. It was used and washed until it literally fell apart. I promised her a replacement. I started it, completed most of the blocks and put it away. 2 weeks ago I dug it out, made a few more blocks, did all the applique and finally put it together. I pulled it off my longarm a few days ago and put the last stitch in the binding last night. Its 102" square.

It's all flannel on the front and a cotton backing and batt. I outlined the appliqued lambs and machined curly lambs in the blank blocks.

 Here is some of stitching. I am pleased with how it turned out. I can't wait till I give it to her, she is going to be surprised.

And here is the current working on project. My antique star. I saw the antique quilt in a magazine and fell in love it, so this is my version drawn up in EQ7. The center is 48" square, whole quilt will finish out about 82"x82".

Well thats a start to this year. Another goal is to keep posting on my blog. New updates as my challenges continue!

Till next time............