Monday, June 27, 2011

Lazy Blogger

Thats what I am. Time flys and life happens. My redo on my studio is done, or as done as it can be. Its been 3 months since my carpal tunnel and ulnar surgery and they are not healing well or maybe my expectations are to high? My doctor told me to resume normal activities but I do not think he knew normal for me was creating mascot costumes! Using heavy equipment in my hands with triggers like glue guns, rivet guns, staplers, hot knives ect. 10 years of this job is what ruined my hands to start with! I worry I went back to work to soon. Ok enough wining.........

On the sewing front I have made 4 blocks finally of the Barbara Brackmans Civil War BOW. Granted she is on week 25 but I have a start. I hope to keep goin on them until I catch up and even post some pictures here!

We had a our trip to Florida Disney at the end of May and it was great. Started out with food poisoning before I even got on the plane . So spent the first day in bed, I refused to give up the rest of the trip so with immodium AD and eating careful and lots of water I did enjoy the trip with the rest of my girls. It was a girls vacation with my 2 daughters and grandaughter and a friend with her daughter.

When we arrived home, to tornados no less...........we had 4 days to memorial day weekend and another trip. This time camping with the whole family at Timber lake resort campground inh Mount Carroll IL. It was an interesting weekend but fun, rain and more rain! Pass the marguaritas!

Its been a long month of Tornados and flooding here in Illinois along the Mississippi. Hoping July will be better. We drove 133 miles into Baraboo Wisconsin for a Graduation party this past weekend, it reminded me why I dislike camping and traveling Wisconsin, all those narrow hairpin roads. We have a beast of a truck, 4 doors and full back end, its 25' long. I hate curvy roads.............

Well that should catch me up. Next time, hopefully soon, I will have some pictures to post too.
happy sewing.