Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is here!

I promised pictures of my studio. This is the back north west corner. Still a little cramped as I am finding a place for things but much more organized! See my new ironing board? Its 18" wide by 5 1/2' long and has folding legs so will fold up to the shelves in front of it and latch to them so I can use the floor space underneath.

This is the same west wall but the south corner. There is a window behind that TV <G>. And next to all that thread hanging there are two windows in the north wall so I get alot of light. I do manage to cram alot in my 12x14' studio. This picture shows my Embroidery machine and serger. I have a quilting/sewing machine on the other side of the table.

This is the north east corner behind my quilting/sewing machine where I sit most of time. Its the messiest! My scrap basket, stereo, laptop, printer ect is all there. fabric shelves and rolled up design wall. I actually have a double design wall in front of my shelves. I work on several projects at a time so just flip back and forth by rolling up the front wall. I even bought another two for the hallway outside my studio door to do the same thing. I use 72" felt for my design walls.

Have you collected those freebie patterns from the Internet? Those year long BOMs? Patterns you want to make 'someday'. These are my 'someday's! Well not all of them........each binder is labeled for something. Applique, paper piecing, antique patterns, BOMs, Templates and so on. I am a bit anal about organizing. And I figure when my time comes and my daughter has to get rid of it all at least it will be labeled! haha

Oh and my alcove. Additional storage for overflow. Actually it holds 2 shelf units that hold my quilt magazines and books. A dresser that holds my feedsack collection, several bins of feedsack that sit on top of the dresser and a closet that is also full. You can usually see the floor just fine since I keep this area neat and orderly  but my daughter just cleaned her room and tends to put her garbage at the top of the stairway which is right at the doorway of my studio and alcove.

My home was built in 1888, has 4 bedrooms, a bath and said alcove upstairs. We are in a constant state of repair. While my studio looks nice right now honestly those shelves are full for a reason...............they are holding up the ceiling! At least that's what my husband claims. I have the only room where the ceiling is cracking, just my luck. So next year I will unpile it yet again so we can do a ceiling. Yuck.

As for sewing, here are some of my BB civil war blocks. 1-4. Now for 5-39.........And here's another treat for you, a garage sale find.

Its a gorgeous double pink for a whole 10.00. Some people just don't know what they have or just don't care. That's OK, I'll take them home and love them.

Well, enough for one night. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Deb, do you realize I can't reply to your e-mail? I wanted to thankyou for your wonderful comment. Have a good week.